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Attorneys and Estate Planners

A life insurance policy is a valuable asset that is utilized by attorneys and estate planners, to provide clients with financial and estate protection. As an attorney or estate planner, your heightened awareness of this beneficial tool will command the respect you deserve from your clients, as a well-informed and practicing professional.

A Life Settlement is a great way to improve upon an estate plan, or to fund a charitable giving program. As a charitable gift, your clients could receive a substantially larger tax deduction when utilizing a Life Settlement. By donating coverage already in force, or new coverage to be issued, your clients may realize the “true” value of their life policy, greatly increasing their gift to the charity of their choice. As an estate plan supplement, a Life Settlement can liquidate a policy which is no longer needed, providing funds for other purposes in the estate plan.

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Your Fiduciary Duty

Many legal experts believe that as a professional, it is your fiduciary duty to inform your clients of all available options for life insurance policies, as well as other assets in your client’s portfolio. Policies previously purchased as an estate planning tool may now be more valuable if liquidated, and the proceeds used to purchase new coverage. Term policies that in the past would typically have lapsed and lost all value, may now have substantial value. 

Your duty is to your client - let Milestone help you make your senior clients aware of the tremendous value available in the secondary market for life insurance.

Benefit From Advising Your Clients On Life Settlements

Most fee-for-service and commission-based planners rely on being a trusted advisor to their clients. By advising your clients of the opportunities available through Life Settlements, and Milestone’s policy analysis assistance, Milestone can help you maximize the value of your good name.  We help you maximize your client’s life insurance options, through qualified review of their life insurance - whether the policy is in force or is pending issue.

Do Your Clients Qualify For A Life Settlement?

If you have clients age 65 and older who have Term (Convertible or Renewable), UL, or SUL policies, your clients most likely have policies which would qualify for a Life Settlement.  Give Milestone a call today to get started! 

Why Would Your Client Sell A Life Insurance Policy?

  • Your client may no longer want or need the policy, and is considering surrendering or lapsing the policy
  • Selling a policy may provide your client with money for the purchase of long term care, or may serve to supplement your client’s retirement income
  • Your client’s policy may have been purchased during a time of higher interest rates with expected lower future premiums, and the policy is not performing
  • Your client may be looking to acquire a new policy and a Life Settlement on an older policy may fund the new coverage
  • Your client may need cash for investments or debt consolidation
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