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Life Insurance Agents

Life insurance agents are acknowledging the value of life settlements to their clients.  Successful agents are now capitalizing on the secondary market by showing their clients the present and future value of their policies.  More and more agents are receiving carrier proposal evaluations from life settlement companies like Milestone prior to writing the policy, further demonstrating their own value to their clients. 

Life insurance agents are also becoming aware of their fiduciary duty to their client to discuss policy disposition options available to their clients, prior to advising their client to allow a policy to lapse. 

If you’d like to join the growing number of agents nationwide who have already realized the benefits of life settlements, please give us a call.  Our agent representatives are here to help you best serve your clients’ needs.

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What Are The Benefits of a Life Settlement To You?

  • Commissions on the Life Settlement transaction
  • Conversion commissions on converted term policies
  • Renewal commissions on policies which are maintained based on future value
  • The ability to earn new commissions on new products or policies sold

Does Your Insurance Company or Broker Dealer Prohibit Your Involvement In Life Settlement Transactions?

  • You still have a fiduciary responsibility to your client.  Don't allow your client to leave money on the table, or have an asset evaporate into thin air! Read articles in the News and Articles section of our website and discuss the possibilities with your broker-dealer or carrier.  If your broker-dealer or carrier prohibits offering or discussing life settlements to your clients, give us a call; we will show you how to maintain your fiduciary duty to your clients without violating any agency agreements or contracts.
  • Refer the business - you do not have be involved in the transaction in order for your client to receive the benefits of the secondary market
    • The original policy remains in force and renewal commissions continue
    • Your client may use the proceeds to purchase a new product which will generate new commissions for you
    • You have given advice that is well-suited for your clients and their needs

Do Your Clients Qualify For A Life Settlement?

If you have clients age 65 and older who have Term (Convertible or Renewable), UL, or SUL policies, you most likely have clients that would qualify for a Life Settlement.  Give Milestone a call today to get started!

Why Would Your Client Sell A Life Insurance Policy?

  • Your client may no longer want or need the policy, and is considering surrendering or lapsing the policy
  • Selling a policy may provide money for the purchase of long term care, or may serve to supplement retirement income
  • The policy may have been purchased during a time of higher interest rates with expected lower future premiums, and the policy is not performing
  • Your client may be looking to acquire a new policy and a Life Settlement on an older policy could fund new coverage
  • Your client may need cash for investments or debt consolidation
  • Your client may be going through a divorce and the policy is subject to equitable distribution
  • You client’s estate planning needs may have changed
  • The money from a Life Settlement could fund a charitable giving program, family trust, or education for a loved one
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