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Full Disclosure - Another Milestone First

To protect the seller of a life insurance policy, Milestone has always been a leading and vocal proponent of full and complete disclosure and transparency in a life settlement transaction, even in an industry which did not always embrace the concept.  This is why, in 2006, Milestone was the first provider in the industry to require full and complete disclosure of all commissions paid in a life settlement.  The focus of this requirement is to create an environment where an individual seeking to sell a policy can do so without having to question whether or not they were treated fairly in the transaction.  The goal is to provide a fair, equitable, and transparent transaction for the protection of all parties, where the compromise of ethics is not optional.

With full disclosure requirements, all agents, life settlement brokers, and life settlement providers receiving a commission in the transaction must be properly licensed and must sign a fee disclosure statement which is counter-signed by the seller of the policy. 

Fortunately, a vast majority of the industry has followed Milestone’s lead, and full disclosure is now largely standard for all life settlement transactions.

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Milestone recognizes the importance of maintaining the privacy of its clients? personal information. Milestone has electronic, physical and procedural safe guards in place and abides by all H.I.P.A.A. and state statute regulations to ensure that each clients? health information is properly protected.