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Investor Relations

Commission Structures

Flat Rate Commissions
We will negotiate flat rate commissions for investors relevant to their initial and projected capital investment. The ability to work with investors in creating optimal purchasing criteria enables us to design commission structures that don't carry excessively high front end loads, thereby providing more flexibility in the purchasing process. Result - more capital invested in assets, not in commissions.

Incentive Based
In the incentive based program, a reduced settlement commission is paid at the time of settlement with a trailing back end carry built in after a hurdle rate is attained. All back end carries are based on a graduated scale of realized IRR. Hurdle rates and carries are established before portfolio construction begins thereby creating incentive for Milestone to exceed hurdle rates and participate in the above target returns. This program allows investors to use the largest percentage of available funds for policy acquisition rather than the pay out of commissions.

Graduated Commission Based On Projected IRR
In this program, Milestone negotiates a commission structure based on a sliding scale relevant to the pricing model with which the funding entity purchases policies. The commission rate is paid in relation to the projected rate of return. In this program strict purchasing and underwriting guidelines need to be established in order to safely project future returns. Milestone works with investors to establish the best possible purchasing guidelines, while being careful not to be restrictive to the point of incurring longer acquisition periods.

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