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After the Life Settlement Application and all required information is received and uploaded into Milestone's proprietary database, the case moves into the underwriting stage, where Milestone underwrites and evaluates the case.  

In the underwriting stage of the process, (1) medical records are reviewed to make sure that there are no gaps in the insured's medical history; (2) the policy information is reviewed to determine the suitability of the policy, when the next premium is due and how much of the annual premium has already been paid; (3) the illustration is reviewed to determine future policy premiums; and (4) the application is reviewed to determine that Milestone is licensed if state regulations apply

Depending upon the face value of the policy, it may be necessary to receive a life expectancy determination on the life of the insured from a third-party underwriter. If so, the policy owner or their representative submits the medical records and an executed HIPAA, allowing the third-party underwriters to determine a life expectancy based on the insured's prior medical history. Depending upon the face value of the policy, the use of a specific life expectancy provider may be necessary. Milestone will advise the policy owner or their representative as to whether or not a life expectancy determination is necessary, and which life expectancy service provider should be retained. The three most commonly used life expectancy providers are AVS Underwriting, Fasano, and 21st Services.  

Each company will assign an underwriter to review the submitted medical records and determine a life expectancy in months. This life expectancy determination is based on the number of deaths in a pool of 1000 lives that are of the same age and gender as the insured. A mortality table is also listed on the report. The mortality table determines how healthy or unhealthy the insured is, relative to the other individuals in the class. An individual in extremely good health could be rated at 85% mortality, whereas an individual with a terminal illness may have a mortality rating of 400%.

Upon request, Milestone can assist the owner or their representative in acquiring the life expectancy determination. Milestone is able to provide assistance to the individual submitting the policy by ordering the life expectancy and tracking the progress of the request for a standard invoiced fee. It generally takes between 7-14 business days to issue a standardized life expectancy report, but because of the volume that Milestone places with the underwriting firms, Milestone is able to obtain the reports in a more timely manner.

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Fasano Associates
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